Signs That The Fling Site You’re Using Is A Scam!

“Don’t fall for a scam”
“Don’t fall for a scam”

Scam fling sites are quite prevalent today. But although the fling sites themselves are not necessarily scams, they are plagued with scammers who cannot be controlled. Unfortunately, many dating sites fall prey to persons who pose as legitimate individuals seeking a relationship. They often pretend to be an appealing person and tend to attract interests easily. Dating sites are sometimes helpless in their fight to identify those persons who are damaging their reputation and scamming their members. These sites are somewhat anonymous hence it is often a challenge to prove identities, making them an easy target for con artists who appear, defraud members and vanish.
There is no easy way to tell if you are communicating with a scammer. Their main aim is often monetary and their demands could range from several tens to several thousands of dollars. They defraud users of scam fling sites as well as regular dating websites. There are plenty of scam websites out there, if you read the adult friend finder reviews read about it here. They don’t say that is a scam, but you have to be cautious so that you do not become another victim. The websites seem normal and appealing, profiles are off, but difficult to spot. Here are some of the most common signs that the fling site that you are using is a scam.

1. The profile has little detail or is incomplete

“Their profiles are filled with poorly made up lies”
“Their profiles are filled with poorly made up lies”

Someone who writes a legitimate profile will be thorough in their details since they genuinely want to meet persons who are interested in them. Usually no stones are left unturned, and though not all personal information would be revealed, enough should be there to tell about the character of the person. Things like their alma mater, favorite restaurants, reasons for career choice, favorite things to do on the weekend are left out. Genuine people like to share some information about themselves, especially information worth boasting about.
In contrast, a con’s profile is generally vague and lacking in facts. Their profile will state that they like to read, but no mention of novels, or loves museums but no mention of which museum or what type. Scammers on scam fling sites keep their fake profiles nonspecific and low quality because they recognize that they do not have to put out a lot of detailed information to get the attention of people. Basically, any type of profile with a very attractive picture attached will attract a great number of responses rather quickly. This is their first step and it takes very little effort.

2. Communication and grammar are often poor

Quite frankly, avoid those emails and profiles with bad grammar and spelling. Of course, many native English speakers are weak in spelling and grammar. But if they genuinely want to attract the best individuals who are most likely educated, then they would use some form of grammar and spell checking tool before you make your submissions. Many scammers write as though English is their second language. Sometimes the sentence structures are poor and seem to be pieces of phrases and sentences put together like scrapbook clippings. Furthermore, if you thoroughly browse the dating websites, you will find that there are profiles with identical information. Well, there’s your red flag, scam fling sites tend to host the same persons with several different accounts and aliases.

3. Their pictures are almost perfect

“Picture perfect portfolios”
“Picture perfect portfolios”

Genuine members on fling sites utilize realistic photos of themselves. Although they want to put their best forward, they do not want to give potential dates the wrong impression of themselves when they finally meet. They might post photos taken outside with friends or relatives, on vacation in front of a historical building, at night, with kids and so on. If someone is real and genuine, their lives are real and the photos look real too.
Scammers on the other hand, will use photos that are visually appealing. This photo will often make persons overlook the badly written fake profile and respond based on the attractiveness of the person depicted. For this reason, using quality photos of very attractive people is a common tactic. The lighting sometimes seems professional and the model wears glamorous and sexually suggestive or revealing pictures. Their aim is solely to generate as many positive responses as possible. They know that many people might like these fake individuals and eventually they will be asked for money.

4. They will date just about anyone

People are often skeptical about who they date. They make their decisions based on age, location, interests and so on. People also tend to be very selective when it comes to height, education, religion, and other things. Cons on scam fling sites do not care about personal details and character. No matter where you live in the world, what your age is, how many times you are divorced, how many black cats you have, they want you anyway. They are there to trick as many persons as possible into their schemes, so personality traits and social lives have no meaning to them.

5. Email responses are almost immediate

Wouldn’t you think it strange if you get email responses within 1 to 15 minutes of sending a message? This is indeed strange and is often the work of a scammer. The email response is usually vague, repetitive, poorly written and lacking details. Some email messages will have a link to visit a different website to connect with the person in the profile. When you go to the website, you are told that you need to pay money for membership so that you can communicate with the person via webcam. Many persons fall for this ridiculous scam.

6. Watch out for interesting personalities

Scam fling sites host scammers who pose as men or women. If the con artist is a woman, she will claim that she is very hard working and currently in a lower paying line of work. Male scammers will state that they are individualistically wealthy, owners of one or more lucrative business, or in the military. On the other hand, some male con artists on scam fling sites claim to be bereaved husbands caring for one or more young children on their own. Many go on further claiming that their spouse died in a tragic accident or some terminal illness making them unexpected single dads.

7. They are quick to fall in love

“They pretend to fall in love with you instantly”
“They pretend to fall in love with you instantly”

Date site scammers waste no time in professing their love for you. They will tell you that you are beautiful and perfect and they want to share their lives with you. They are very skilled in obtaining personal information and will often ask you to connect with them via Skype, your personal email address or ask for your telephone number. Some will go further to ask for your residential address so that they can mail gifts of chocolate, wines, teddy bears or flowers for you. You will be referred to as their soul mate and will offer their verbal support for just about anything you tell them about. Sometimes days, weeks or even months will be spent in communication, building romance and intimacy before their ultimate goal – asking you for money.

8. They try to bring the conversation off the dating site quickly

Most dating web site members prefer to keep their initial dialogs with unfamiliar persons on the website. This safeguards their privacy until they are comfortable with their potential date who they are building acquaintance with. A scammer, on the other hand, will often ask for an e-mail address or offer his or her immediately. They do not want to continue the discussion that you had initiated on the dating site. Wonder why? Well, they know that their profile will be discontinued as soon as website officials discover their schemes. By collecting relevant information, they will be able to keep in contact with their victims.

9. They may ask you for money

Without doubt, scammers will ask you for money. They will try their utmost best to engage your sympathy, making you appear selfish if you do not agree to send the money. Often times, the matter appears urgent due to sudden emergencies. The general idea is to take you by surprise, not giving you much time to think about it. This is a lesson that is often learned the hard way. If someone you just met on potentially scam fling sites starts asking you for cash, then stop communicating with the person immediately and report the con artist to the dating site staff.

10. They may offer you money

“Sooner or later, they’ll ask for some money”
“Sooner or later, they’ll ask for some money”

The scammer might send money to you in the form of checks or money orders and further ask you to deposit the money into your bank account. They will offer to give you a percentage of the money, but the majority of it will be sent off to a different bank account number. If you participate in this, you will be fostering criminal activity and you will be risking your identity and freedom as money laundering is a federal and international crime.

Some might wonder, how do you avoid the traps of scam fling sites? Well, the 10 red flags listed are sure ways to tell that something unscrupulous is going on. Sometimes detecting con artists is not as easy to accomplish as follows a list of character traits. The best that you can do is to be vigilant. Never turn a blind eye to possible dangers and warning signs. You surely do not want to be the next victim of fling site scammers.

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How To Tell Good Guys From Players Online …

man frowning drawing
On online dating sites, nice guys finish last …

Nowadays, people tend to be all cynical when it comes to finding their lifetime partner – actually almost everyone searching for one is no longer sure whether such a catch still exists. If you are in the hunt for the good ones, then you are probably one of the million people thinking hardly about the equation to sift the bad apples from the nicest in batch. Players are dangers in disguise – we all know that. Proper caution and right state of mind and heart should always be at hand to guard yourself from lurking disasters like them. They can come in the most dapper outfit you can ever see, flower you with words, shower you with gifts and even pretend that all their intentions are real but in the end turns out to be fool’s gold if you are not too careful. Online dating sites do their best to filter out dishonnst men, but it’s such a hard task to accomplish.

Players gravitate to where women are. For example, if we just focus on, tons of websites have tested & reviewed and offer specific tactics to get laid on the dating giant, almost turing eharmony into the perfect scam for players to operate on. That’s quite sad, given most women join sites like eHarmony to find a soulmate, not a one hight stand hookup.

shark drawing
Do you need to be a shark online if you’re going to survive in a sea of dating?

But what qualities does it really require for one to consider the other a good find? Of course naturally, this would all depend on the preference of those who are searching, the physical features, probably their stature in life, smell, potential, bank account and what their friends and family’s opinions about their potential mate are just some of the numerous factors to consider here. Some even resort to dating sites, blind dates, common friend hook ups but some remain passive – or should I say, conservative by just waiting for the right one to come or leaving it to fate. The searching and waiting might be all a drag and can become physically, emotionally and mentally stressing, but the answer here is simple – to tell a good guy from a bad, one must learn to look beyond the surface. It is only through the heart that one can find someone with an equally genuine heart to give.

The good guys may seem a hard find but all you need to look for in a guy is the fact that they can accept you for you, can look past through all your imperfections, isn’t afraid to admit his/her fault and someone who doesn’t mind being with someone like you for the rest of your life. Hey, you don’t really expect a too good to be true kind of person, right? One must never wish or hope for a fairytale. Everybody’s got spots and yes that includes you too. The secret to finding a good one and at the same time keeping it is weaving your imperfections into something positive. Never resist the fact that you can learn from each other. If you want to tell a good guy from a player, the best solution is to be one. Remember the cliché that goes “it takes one to know one”? – Only you can really tell.

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Enhancing Your iPad with Accessories

Apple iPad accessories can make the experience of using your iPad very fulfilling. After the launch of the new iPad that comes with some of the best features in the tablet world, many accessories also hit the market to enhance the use of the powerful device as well. Your choice of these accessories will most of the time depend on how much you need to use them as well as your taste and preferences. From camera accessories to cases, charging accessories to VGA adapters and many more, you can get the best experience from your iPad when you buy and include these to your device. Here are some of the important iPad accessories you should consider.

iPad Case

Most of the best iPad cases will come with a soft interior, micro in size with a panel that is reinforced. If you find that it is difficult carrying your iPad around because of the kind of work you do as well as the environments you want to use the device in, you can purchase the iPad case to protect it from any imminent scratches and other types of damages. The iPad does not just carry the device and safeguard it but also acts like its stand. You can watch videos comfortably on this device without having to worry about the angle impact because some of the best cases can be tilted.

The best iPad
The best iPad

iPad Keyboards

Although we know the standard keyboards, iPad keyboards are commonly called Keyboard Docks. This is not just the keyboard for keying in characters but combines as a charger to your iPad as well. Keyboard accessories can also be used to activate some of the important features of the device. With a rear dock connector port, you will be able to connect to electrical outlets by using a USB Power Adaptor, which will synchronize your iPad with a desktop or laptop computer.

iPad keyboards
iPad keyboards

iPad Camera Connection Kit

If you want a two-way connection or synchronization of videos and photos between your iPad and digital camera, then you need to purchase the iPad camera connection accessory. You can use a USB cable to import and export photos and videos directly from your SD card to your iPad. This kit will significantly enhance the experience of using your iPad for taking and sharing photos and videos. You can accessorize your iPad as much as you can with almost any type of accessory you want. There are many of them in the iPad accessory stores and outlets.

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Valentine gifts that won’t cost you a fortune

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to tell the person you love how you really feel about them and a thoughtful gift is one best ways to express your feelings. However, a Valentine’s gift does not have to burn a hole in your pocket.

These simple yet heartwarming gift ideas will make sure you achieve what you set out to do without spending a lot of mullah.

Pen it down!

If you have a knack for writing, you could pen down a love poem that describes how you feel about your partner. And if creative writing is only something you like to read over the internet, just getting together your thoughts on a hand-crafted paper can do the trick. Your true feelings in your own words will simply bowl over your partner and create a memory of a life time.

Flowers, cliché?

This might sound cliché but girls love flowers and they can’t have enough of them. And if you want to do it differently this time, go for a potted Rose bush or any other flower that you she loves.


 Women love flowers
Women love flowers


Star struck!

Get your lady love mesmerized by naming a star after her at the International Star Registry. Will cost you somewhere about $50-$60 and will get her all impressed. You will get a certificate which you can present to her on the D-day.

Picture this!

Get a pretty picture frame or make one if you can and frame a lovey-dovey picture of the two of you. Better still, make a collage of your best pictures, frame it up and present to her. You are bound to get her all sentimental.

You, the Masseur!

Your girl will not stop raving about this. Plan a special quiet evening and give her a love massage that she will remember for a lifetime. And bet you, this won’t be your last time.

These are some of the simplest ways to make your Valentine happy without spending a lot of dough. If you wish, you could combine two or more of the above ideas and build surprises into her day. And end the day with a romantic dinner that you prepared yourself.

People to Plan a Romantic Dinner Date at Home
People to Plan a Romantic Dinner Date at Home

While every day is a day of love, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the special bond you share with your partner and believe it or not, it’s the thought and the special gestures that make most girls happy!! So go on and take your lady love on a romantic ride!!

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Shopping Just Isn’t Fun

Men are considered terrible shoppers but it might not be one of the things that they are really bad at. In reality, there is not much truth to this because it is more of a lament labeling of men. Sure, they might not be exceedingly excited when they are dragged to the mall for some weekend shopping with their woman. However, would a woman like to spend her special day off at a bar, watching a match. Probably not. The science behind men not being great shoppers is simple: They Hate It!

They hate shopping for clothes, probably as much as they hate watching chick flicks, or listening to pop music or having to spend a weekend with their in-laws. It is something they do out of love for their wife because it means a lot to her. However, inside it eats them alive. The thought of getting off the couch on a Saturday afternoon before lunch and in between a college basketball or football game, depending on the month, is such that they rather have a heart attack.

Men and women are wired differently. They do not look the same, do not think the same and do not like same things. If they did, it would be less of a marriage and more like a two girlfriends living with each other. These differences make a relationship work. However, if a woman wants a relationship to last, she needs to relax somewhat with all the forceful shopping trips. Men hate walking around the largest shopping center, which ironically are always the closest ones to your house. If men wanted to spend hours and hours of their day off walking around, wouldn’t they have joined a gym? Furthermore, men do not like holding many bags in their hands, it makes them look like servants and that is just so demeaning to a man. A man needs to be in control, instead shopping makes him into the perfect little helper boy.

A new development of one of the largest shopping centers
A new development of one of the largest shopping centers

Shopping also requires a lot of money. Men work really hard to earn a living, but when most of it is spent on things that they have no use and will only be used by their wives or girlfriends for a couple of months, it’s kind of gets a little irritating.

Men will have a problem paying for clothes but will not have a problem paying for things that they have interest in, such as a car part or electronic gadgets. This is what men love to buy, take them into an electronics or car shop and their eyes light up. For men, these things are important, just as clothes are important for women. Men will not make a special effort to stop by at these types of stores on their own, but will try to get some time in when making the trip with their wives. However, when this happens most wives apply so much pressure to hurry them up that they have no other option. Problems are many, which is why men simply hate shopping.

Men simply hate shopping
Men simply hate shopping
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Reasons Why Some People Do Not Save Money or Grow Wealth

Everyone has a dream to reach his or her financial goals, build a solid investment portfolio and retire without any financial worries. However, many of the Americans are not able to achieve this dream because of a number of reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why many people fail to save, reach their financial goals and have investments.

Taking a 30 Years Mortgage

Although having a home is very important and part of the financial goal of everyone, many people do not actually realize this goal because they take mortgages that last their entire employment lifespan. Taking a 30 years mortgage means you are going to spend more than two and a half times the cost of the home you are buying. You will be expected to be making payments for 30 years and this might take away all the money you would have saved and invested.

Having to Many Debts

Saving is not easy if you have so many debts or you get into the vicious cycle of borrowing and paying the debts. Most debts usually attract some charges especially if you buy on credit and you are unable to pay the balance at the end of the month. You could spend almost twice the price of what you purchased. You should strive to pay everything you buy in cash and avoid using your credit cards for expenditures you know you might not be able to pay at the end of the month.


Failing to Control Spending Leakages

Most Americans are not able to save money because they have small unnoticeable expenses, which seem to have less consequences but can have a big cumulative effect. You need to account every cent spend and it should be spend on the intended purposes. Otherwise, you will realize that you have wasted a lot of money on things that did not matter so much.

Lack of Financial Knowledge and Goals

Some people do not save, invest or grow wealth because they have thin financial knowledge and they have no goals. The first step towards successful saving is having goals for saving and then getting a lot of financial knowledge. You should use some of the financial materials available to expand your knowledge in this area. From goal setting, a plan comes in place. It is the plans, which can help us, achieve our investment and wealth growth objectives.


There are many other reasons why people do not save and invest so much such as letting other people to manage their money, starting to save when you are almost retting and cashing out all your 401(K) retirement saving instead of investing them.

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What Life Lessons You Can Learn From Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich was born in Germany in 1901 and made a name for herself as a singer and actress. One of the great things that we can learn from her and the way she operated is that there is always going to be something for you if you are prepared to change.

Sometimes it is best to diversify and Marlene often had male as well as female clothes and by giving of this air of androgyny she could be seen to have been everything to anyone. We can learn that we should never allow other people to decide what we are and what we can be. For Marlene her first auditions did not go well, but she never gave up and when one audition left her without a part she just went on to the next one. When this happens it is a great way to see just how much you want something and is it really worth your while carrying on and risking more rejection.

When working with von Sternberg she allowed him to make decisions about her private life as well as her personal life and while this can be dangerous in some cases, if you trust the person and are prepared to give them control the outcomes can be beyond your wildest dreams. Just because things do not work out for one person Marlene taught us that it does not mean that they cannot work out for the next person.

Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich

By the late 1930’s things were not going that well for Marlene and she was made an offer that many may have taken. She was approached by the Nazis and made an offer that many would find it hard to refuse. She chose not to go back home and work in the German film industry and while this could have been good for her at the time when considering the events of the following years, it could have closed for ever the door that was open to her with regards to American citizenship.

Marlene was not too proud to help herself look good as she aged. We should not grow old gracefully if we don’t want to and if we want a wig and cosmetic surgery to preserve the body we once had naturally then don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

German film industry
German film industry

Marlene taught us to live our lives to the full and also to live them as we want to – not how we are told we should,

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